Season 2

NFT egg

Open egg and get one of 12 NFTs! NFT will have evolution 1-3, higher evolution = higher rewards.

  • How it works?

  • Buy NFT egg:

    First of all you need to buy NFT egg. This is “magic case” with NFTs. To open it, you need to pay any available currency through our interface.

  • Open NFT EGG:

    Each NFT has different chance of drop. Higher evolution of NFT = lower chance of drop. There are total of 3 evolutions, evolution 3 is the highest and counted as legendary(or ultra-rare). Higher evolution = higher reward in the NFT staking.

  • Collect all NFTs!:

    Collect different NFTs and NFT packs, and get BPM/NFT rewards through our achievements system!

  • Stake NFTs:

    You can not only collect our NFTs(unlike other projects!!) but also stake them in the specific pools and earn BPM tokens! Each pool represents a certain evolution. You can stake any amount of NFTs in each pool.

  • Exchange NFTs:

    We implemented a unique system called “NFT” buyback. With every purchase of egg with NFT, you top up the buyback fund. After you bought NFT you can

    1) Stake NFT and earn BPM tokens

    2) Collect NFT

    3) Exchange NFT.

    That means you can return part of the cost of the NFT, on our side we are simply buying it and giving you some funds. Amount of reward based on the volume+current staking rewards+amount of funds in buyback fund.